Mohamed Salah Best Shot On Last Minutes of The Game

Match Evaluation: Liverpool vs Manchester Utd Premier League 19-01-2020 16:30 GMT

Liverpool vs Manchester Utd Premier League 19-01-2020 16:30 GMT game Started, The Liverpool team win the match with 2 Goals against Manchester Utd team with 0 Goal, Liverpool team played satisfactory, Enactment of the Liverpool team in the game was mind blowing and commendable with battle, while Manchester Utd team enactment was not depraved, but they didn’t played as better as Liverpool team, the Manchester Utd team unable to achieved any goal against Liverpool team, lets have a look on ground goal enactment when and which team hits goal, in the 14  minutes of game Van Dijk V from Liverpool team hits 1st goal and Salah M from Liverpool team hits 2nd goal in 90+3 minutes of game, while Manchester Utd team didn’t hit any goal to defend their failure they performed poor in contradiction with Liverpool team.


Let’s disclose on the Ground enactment.

Liverpool team stabbings the Manchester Utd team with 2 goals, as offensively Monterrey team unsuccessfully accomplished 0 Goal in whole 100 Minutes of game.

Now you can clasp Ball Possession which was 53% for Liverpool, while 47% for Manchester Utd team which was immense variances.

Liverpool team played very well in Goal Attempted, 16 number of goals attempted by Liverpool team, while Manchester Utd team attempt 10 number of goals.

If we converse about SHOTS ON GOALS of Liverpool team, they performed 5 SHOT ON GOAL, while the Manchester Utd team successfully performed only 4 SHOTS ON GOAL.

The SHOTS OFF GOALS depiction of both team as Liverpool performed 6 SHOTS OFF GOAL, while Manchester Utd team Performed 5 SHOTS OFF GOAL.

In BLOCKING SHOTS performance of Liverpool team was brilliant, they Blocked 5 Shots, in contrast Manchester Utd team performed only 1 Blocked Shots.

Fortuitously the Liverpool team perplexed the Manchester Utd team in Free Kicks by getting 5 more free kick from Manchester Utd team as Liverpool team got 14 Free Kick, while Manchester Utd team got 9 Free Kicks,

Let’s circle the enactment of both teams on Corner Kicks, Liverpool team acted 11 Corner Kicks while, Manchester Utd team acted 5 Corner Kicks.

OFFSIDES performance of both teams was not much different as Liverpool team performed 2 OFFSIDE, while Manchester Utd team performed 3 OFF SIDES.

Liverpool team little bit proficient noble as compare to Monterrey team in the Goalkeeping, the Goalkeeper of Manchester Utd team saved 3 Shots while, The Goalkeeper of Liverpool team saved 4 Shots.

Let’s discuss the Fouls enactment 7 Fouls accomplished by Liverpool team while 10 Fouls consummate by Manchester Utd team.

Here come to know that the Liverpool team acquired 1 Yellow Card, while Manchester Utd team acquired 3 Yellow Card.

Let’s talk about the performance of both teams in Passes, as Manchester Utd team complete 428

Aggregate Passes, whereas The Liverpool team done 501 Entire Passes which was a hug


20 Tackle Attack done by Liverpool team while 16 Tackle Attack done by Manchester Utd team.

The Origin of Manchester Utd team lose the game due to neglected portrayal in ATTACKS   127 Attack accomplished by Liverpool team 69 were threatening attack out of 127 Attacks, while Manchester Utd Team performed 77 Attacks, 48 were uncertain.

Let’s conclude, Liverpool vs Manchester Utd Premier League 19-01-2020 16:30 GMT game Started, The Liverpool team win the match with 2 Goals against Manchester Utd team with 0 Goal, The inclusive performance of both wasn’t dissolute, but Liverpool team cavorted the game with skillful and operational approach, Manchester Utd team lost the game due to some blunders in the game as Corner Kicks performance, Goalkeeper’s enactment faults, as well as Fouls inaccuracies and the main Reason was Dangerous attack and Passes  faults, if they practicably and steadily withstand their blunders then thy can astounded the possibilities of fail.

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